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Pauline Cato & Tom McConville

Released in 1990, Cross The River features Tom and a number of his musical friends. It contains a mixture of mostly traditional tunes and songs.

Tom McConville Fiddle, vocals
Chris Newman Guitars, bass, mandolin, synthersizer
Des Hurley Fiddle
Andrew Hurley Bodhran
Maire Ni Chathasaigh Piano, whistle

1 The Hurleys
2 Homes of Donegal
3 Tone Rowes / Smithy's Baccy / Calliope House
4 How can my poor heart
5 Frenchie's Reel / President Garfield's
6 Johnny Miner
7 The Gold Ring / O'Mahoneys
8 Cross the River
9 The Lark in the Morning
10 The Goodnight Waltz
11 The Overgate
12 Calum Donaldson / Mick Johnson's Parrot / Da Grocer
13 Wish the wars were all over
14 Ben's Foot / Birmingham Fling