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Pauline Cato & Tom McConville

Fiddler's Fancy is devoted to the music of one of Tom's heroes, James Hill. A 19th century fiddle player and composer, Hill was known as the 'Paganini of Hornpipe Players' and spent much of his life in Tom's native Newcastle. The album features exclusively Hill's tunes, all played in their original keys.

Tom McConville Fiddle
Chris Newman Guitar, mandolin, keyboards, bass
Jane Pogson Viola
Maire Ni Chathasaigh Whistle

1 The Quayside
2 The Champion Hornpipe
3 The Cliff
4 Hill's No 8
5 The Gateshead Hornpipe
6 The Pear Tree
7 The Cage
8 The High Level Hornpipe
9 Flight of Fancy
10 The Hawk Polka
11 The Barber's Pole
12 Beeswing
13 The Lads like Beer / The Marquis of Waterford
14 The Hawk
15 Proudlock's Fancy
16 Fiddler's Fancy
17 Bottle Bank
18 Blaydon Flats
19 Earl Grey