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Tom McConville

Tommy on Song

Tom McConville Fiddles, vocals  Tommy on the Bridge
Aaron Jones Guitar, bouzouki, harmony vocals,
Claire Mann Whistles, flute, harmony vocals
Sally Johnson Harmony Vocals
Joss Elliot Double Bass


Why Aye Man U
2 All the Tunes in the World
3 Azalea
4 Bill Bunce / Fairwell to Whalley Range / The New Kitchen
5 Pretty Fair Maid
6 When I'm Gone U
7 St Kilda Wedding / The Spey in Spate
8 Strange Lover is the Coalmine
9 The New Me Father Left Me
10 Firefly
11 The Free Trade / The Gateshead Hornpipe
12 Tune for Mikey
13 Fiddle Farewell / In Memory of Herbie MacLeod